Welcome to our garden

I want to create a record of how my new garden grows so I can look back and see the changes over time. These first pictures are my “before”, “during” and “after” photos of our initial work. I’ll try to keep pictures of what’s blooming and changing so you can join in the fun of watching “How does my Garden grow?”

Here is what our front yard looked like before we started.

google street view 2 of 18747



Here a couple of pictures from “destruction day” when we removed most of the existing plants from the front yard. With ALOT of muscle and our jeep we managed to move the rhododendrons from the front yard to be replanted in the backyard.



Even Catherine and Gaby pitched in to help gather rocks and bits of broken concrete.


After a lot of work which I won’t show here, we have a complete makeover that we are really excited about.

I can’t wait to show you our new gate and large pots, after those are complete we’ll just be waiting for Spring!


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