Lots can happen in a week (or a month)

So someone commented on my lack of posting and I want to remedy that. After a week of warm weather in Seattle, so much can change. We were vacationing in Hawaii for a week and when you don’t see the day to day changes, after a week, it looks like a lot has happened.

My salad greens are going strong.

I like this picture that John took better but it doesn’t show as much

The blue pots finally have something in them.

Two plants that I’d never seen before I met Colette (visit GardenEssentia.com) are blooming:
and Ekianthus

Also my Chilean glory vine has started to bloom

Finally, John has been working on hanging some lights so we can enjoy our lovely garden in the warm summer evenings that are surely on the way.



5 thoughts on “Lots can happen in a week (or a month)

  1. Gee. I wonder who the first comment is from. 🙂
    Lovely — looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful blooms. And, I could use some gardening help at my house…

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