What’s Red in the Garden

The strawberries are starting to get ready. We were lucky to get these pictures because Gaby came over and picked every red one (and a few that were only partly red) and ate them up. There’s nothing better than sharing strawberries straight from your garden with your granddaughter.

Catherine’s cherries are starting to turn red.

Check out my new tomato cages. They’re around my sun gold tomatoes which in the past have been over 5 feet tall. Aren’t the great?

Finally a new plant for me this year is lantana, they’re starting to bloom too.


Thief in the Garden

There is no photo to share. There was a thief in my garden on Tuesday morning. He stole the first big red strawberry of the season. Even when I told him not to, to leave it for the girls, he picked it and ate it. Who do you think it was?