Welcome to our garden! We created this site so we have a place to keep track of the changes in our newly designed and planted garden. We’re hoping to document the changes as things grow and get bigger and as the seasons change. Also we’ll use it as our diary so that next year we can remember when we planted things and when they came up etc. We try to always have a picture of something that is currently blooming at the top of our page. Finally we’d love to hear what you think or if you had any ideas for the garden.


One thought on “About

  1. This website is such a nice interlude after the workday! The strawberries at the top (both red and nearly red) look delicious, and what an interesting mix of fresh greenery twining around them. Every evening in my garden too it feels like such a blessing — to have a patch of dirt in a country at peace, where these beautiful creatures wait for us to come home and commune with them. They ask so little and give us such wealth. They even help us make new friends.
    And what wonderful memories for the children in your life — to have that connection to the earth so young.
    Thank you for this hospitable glimpse of your bravely transformed yard, the welcome gate, and the story of how your garden grows. Happy harvesting! Mary

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