New Year’s Resolutions

I’m resolving to post more this year. I can’t believe how much my garden has changed since we first planted it. Here are some pictures from the middle of June last year, fortunately John has been faithfully documenting things.


You’ll see these same plants (carrots and beans) in later posts.


We got so many strawberries this year. Almost more than we knew what to do with. Our raspberries didn’t do very well however. I’m not sure why.



Catherine really enjoyed her cherry tree.

Catching up


As you can probably guess the garden has awakened from its winter sleep and is alive and well. Since I didn’t show you any of the progress I’ll try to catch you up with a few before and after shots and a few shots of what you’ve missed. I’ll also try to update you much more often now that we’re in the growing season.

I’m growing garlic for the first time. Here is it in February.

Here it is now.


You missed the early spring flowers but they were fabulous – so cheerful!

Finally we’ve got a bumper crop of raspberries and strawberries on the way, I love this time of year.

Snow’s what’s going on

It’s been quite awhile since I posted. So sorry for that. As you can see from this post, the garden has gone to sleep for the winter.


Seems like only yesterday we were sitting amongst the flowers at this patio for breakfast.

Since then we harvested more than 30 pumpkins,

and saw a number of plants show their fall colors,

and enjoyed a bounty from the garden.



I’ve planted lot’s of bulbs in the backyard which I’ll show you in another post.

Today is the winter solstice so tomorrow the days starting getting longer and we’re moving towards the spring.


I never thought I’d plant, let alone write about succulents. They are amazing, beautiful and quite surprising. I planted a few along the paths in the garden. They are spreading and look like alien plants. They started like this
Then all of sudden they went vertical.
And now they’re blooming.
They come in all shapes and colors and add a bit of interest as you walk through the garden.


What’s Red in the Garden

The strawberries are starting to get ready. We were lucky to get these pictures because Gaby came over and picked every red one (and a few that were only partly red) and ate them up. There’s nothing better than sharing strawberries straight from your garden with your granddaughter.

Catherine’s cherries are starting to turn red.

Check out my new tomato cages. They’re around my sun gold tomatoes which in the past have been over 5 feet tall. Aren’t the great?

Finally a new plant for me this year is lantana, they’re starting to bloom too.